Dog Tip of the Month: Chewing

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Chewing can be a big problem if your dog decides to take out their energy on your couch or your favorite pair of sandals. Eliminating chewing habits is virtually impossible, but you can give your pet an outlet for their chewing. There are a variety of options available to keep chewers busy like Kong toys and ropes. Pick a toy that will last. For aggressive chewers plush toys may only last a few minutes so stick to hard rubber and rope, but for moderate and light chewers, softer toys will be favorable.  Rawhide and bones also are great to keep chewers occupied. Granulated rawhide is best for light to moderate chewers while compressed rawhide will last the longest in the mouth of an aggressive chewer. But not all dogs are created equal so you may have to try several different products before finding something your dog will love.


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