16 Animals to be Euthanized in Lewisburg, TN Shelter on Thursday

I recieved this email today and thought I would share it:

I am an animal lover and volunteer for Lewisburg Animal Shelter in
Lewisburg, TN.  It is a small, rural sheter who unfortunately
has limited funds and resources and little to NO traffic coming in to
see the dogs.

This week a staggering 16 dogs are set to be PTS on Thursday
(tomorrow).  It’s a sad, sad, week.
They have not had to euthanize a dog in over 2 months as volunteer
efforts to spread the
word have been awesome, but this week they have been over run.

I am writing in hopes that you can help one or two of these precious
dogs.  I can help transport them to where they need to go.

As I mentioned, there are 16 dogs at risk, but I would like to share
with you LAKE- a friendly and loving young hound.

Age: Approx. 2 Years    Gender: Male    Kennel #193
Personality / Description
Lake is a great male Foxhound – he makes me think of Huckleberry
Hound! He’s a big boy and will need plenty of room, but what a great
buddy he will be!

If you would like to see more…please visit the shelter’s facebook
page and check out the adoptable dogs folder.


Thank you!

Jennifer Haydon

Lewisburg Animal Shelter
300 Woodside Avenue
Lewisburg, TN 37091
Phone: 931.359.5948

Email: animal_control_marshall@yahoo.com


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