Dog of the Month: Riley

Meet Riley! He was originally dropped off at petsmart a long time ago. He has since been with us and stolen ALL of our hearts. About a month ago a local dog boarding facility took him in so that he was out of the cold for the winter. He is happy and he will follow you around wherever you go unless he is taking a nap 🙂 Riley can go to a home with cats and dogs, but he is dog food aggressive. We also would prefer him go to a home with no young kids, but kids that are older are fine. Riley is neutered, up-to-date- with shots, heartworm negative, and on monthly frontline and heartworm prevention. Riley is partially deaf. He can Hear you call his name loudly and he can respond to a squeaky toy, but he does not notice low noises. This is why he follows us around and he prefers to be within his line of sight. This is also why young kids are not a good idea as they can startle him if he does not hear them coming. If you would like to meet Riley please call (931) 237-7273 or email


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