Looking For Ideas

As you know, we are trying to get the new webpage re-organized for Cats Are Us. We are looking for ideas, for links of interest, stories, pictures or anything you might wish to see on the page.  We want to help people know more about Cats Are Us and what we do but we also want to make the focal point how we, as a community, can help the animals. We would like to make the webpage as positive and informative as possible and as helpful as possible.  Any ideas you can think of will be greatly appreciated and definitely considered. We really want to know what you think will help get the word out, help save more lives and help more animals find forever homes. Please leave a comment on the webpage or on Facebook.  Also, if you would like to consider doing some photography or writing for the site please let me know.  All help will be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your help.
Jennifer Shoopman – Cats Are Us Volunteer


6 responses to “Looking For Ideas

  1. Would it be possible to have a spot to list links of all shelters and rescues in Montgomery county. In case people are looking for lost animals. Not just the pound and humane society. I know there are at least a few.

    • Deborah, I will work on seeing if I can get a list of all the shelters and rescues in Montgomery County and post it here as soon as possible. Great idea and thanks for sharing it with us. Keep those good ideas coming!

  2. I think it’s great that you have a blog here now, too! I follow you guys on Facebook, but more avenues means more chances to reach people. I see the link to the IGive Page. May I suggest a PayPal or some kind of donation button here too? I think it could be a huge help – if you can link it to here, it would make it easy for anyone to give who might not want to join IGive.

    I also am part of a trap and release program at APSU and one of the things we have done in the past is sell t-shirts with the Paws To Care logo for $10.00 to help raise money. Also, maybe a call for any kind of donations (food, towels, etc.) would probably go over well.

    Aside from raising money, I know that readers love “feel-good” stories and success stories – maybe you could post some of the “Happily Ever After” success stories, or rescue interviews/stories?

    Just a couple of thoughts. Keep up the great work and thank you for all that you do! 🙂

    • Thank you for your wonderful comments and your great ideas. I, Jennifer a Cats Are Us volunteer, just took over editing this blog; so look for many more posts and lots of “feel good stories” and photos. We hope to make this an extremely positive, informative and helpful place to know more about Cats Are Us but, more than that, to help all the animals of our community and others like us. There are so many homeless, abused and unwanted animals and someone MUST be their voice. Please feel free to offer more suggestions and let me know of anything that is going in the community where we may be able to help.

      • I would love to see more about how and when to show up to volunteer and how about some interviews/stories with your current fosters? Also, do you do fundraising meetings or brainstorming sessions to help fill shelter needs? Maybe more information would help mobilize people who can’t foster or adopt at this time, but who would still like to help out in some way.

        You’re all doing really great work and I hope this blog helps bring in more people.

      • There will be lots more coming to this site. We are just beginning to get it up and going again. Your ideas are wonderful and we will be using several of them. If you will notice under the “Help Us” section, there are many ways listed to help us and our mission and, believe us, we certainly can use the help in every way. We love the idea of brainstorming sessions. Maybe we could get together more on that. E-mail us at Catsareustn@aol.com with your thoughts on brainstorming. Please any other ideas you have to help or for stories to add to the page keep them coming.

        We are working on several pages up and coming. Forever homes, new arrivals and just posted today an update on two of our babies that had to have amputations. There will soon be a foster parents page and we are making several new calendars that will be available consisting of foster parents, forever homes, many of the shelter and, of course, our most important commodity … our cats/kittens! 🙂 Most important of all is word of mouth or sharing our page or any donations, however small both monetarily or materially, are always apprecited.

        We thank you for taking your time and showing interest in our shelter and our mission.

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