Siamese Cat Rescued and Home Safely

Two days ago the call went out on Facebook for a beautiful Siamese cat that had been found about 3 miles from Ft Campbell from Tiny Town Road. It was a neighbors’ cat that made an escape out of the house and traveled down the road a ways. Finally the cat got lucky and started to scratch on the front door of one of our volunteers and when the cat continued to scratch on the front door eventually the door opened. “Knock and the door shall be opened.” When the door opened the cat sauntered in and made itself right at home! It even slept with her son for a bit. Just like it lived there. Posters went up the next day and a door to door search found the family of the wandering Siamese. Who is now safely tucked in at his real home. Thank goodness for cat lovers who will open their doors and their hearts to wondering strangers.

Wandering Siamese
Wandering Siamese

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