Adoption Events – Last week of July and First week of August 2013

Fun was had by all who visited Pet Smart, 2784 Wilma Rudolph Blvd., Clarksville, TN Saturdays and Sundays from 12 Noon until 4 PM during these last two adoption events. Special thanks to all of our wonderful foster parents who brought in their cats/kittens that they take such good care of for us and to all our fabulous volunteers who help with the adoption events each weekend. Without you we could not do half of what we do now and half the animals we are able to find homes for and save would be lost. We appreciate you all so much!

To enlarge the photo simply click on the photo
fb baby bunny

We all wondered what this lady had in her hand.

fb baby bunny 2

We found out that it was the tiniest baby bunny. It had been found and the lady and her husband were going to try to raise it. The bunny was, indeed, the cutest thing. Well, you all know that baby kittens are much cuter … at least, to us 🙂

fb HandyMan 1

Steven, one of our foster Dads, and HandyMan

fb handyman 2

Notice that thumb … thus the name HandyMan

fb black and white

This big guy was actually from England. He was owned by an elderly man who could no longer take care of him and he managed to became part of the Cats Are Us family. He is a VERY big guy! One of the biggest cats we had seen.

fb dinah 1

Yes, this is Dinah. She is new to us and has been checked out by our wonderful vets and is ready to be in her forever home’s kitchen.

fb faith and hope

Faith and Hope, two of our newest family members. You would expect there would be a Charity there as well but instead we have Charlie who will be showing as soon as she is old enough. She is still bottle feeding. So Faith, Hope and Charlie abide but the greatest of these is soon to be Charlie. ♥

fb donations 1

Folks like this keep us being able to do what we do … thank you for your generosity!

fb girls and kittens

Nothing sweeter than a little girl and a kitten hug

fb fun 1

Cuties and Kitties


Penelope is a sweet girl who is looking for a loving forever home.

fb 10

Gypsy receiving much love from a young lady who is not sure her landlord will allow her to have cats. So sad, Gypsy loves her and the love is definitely returned.

fb 15

Faith and her sister, Hope, could certainly use all the charity and love anyone could give them in a new forever home.

fb 14

This new batch of babies just came to Cats Are Us Pet Smart adoption event Sunday. We have a kitten explosion right now and we need some forever homes soon. Also, we need foster homes for all our new babies. If interested in fostering, contact (931) 503-0053 or email

fb 12

Dinah will capture your heart with her sad blue eyes. There is something that calls to your soul coming from those blue eyes.

fb 18

Introducing CatCat. She is new to our family but she is very sweet and very loving.

fb 16

Mom and daughter are having fun with the cats at this weeks adoption event.

fb 17

Kids and cats just go together … makes me smile every time 🙂


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