MONDAY NEW UPDATE – Water, Water, Everywhere … still not a drop to drink! We need your support.



We have a bad water leak (25 thousand gallons this month).  The normal is around 2 thousand gallons!   We need gallons of water for the cats and for cleaning cages and liter boxes.  Someone will be there around 5 PM today (August 8, 2013).  If you have any gallon jugs you can fill and bring to the rescue, please do so.  Anyone who has access to be able to deliver a large amount of water for free will also be appreciated.  Cats Are Us is located at 119 New Providence Blvd., Clarksville, TN 37042.  Please contact (931) 503-0053 if you can offer assistance or have any questions.

no water

Cats Are Us is in a bad place until the leak can be found.  There will be NO water!!!   Anyone who is a  PLUMBER that would be willing to help us out either free or with a VERY low-cost is greatly appreciated.  We are hoping it is a water heater leak as that would be easier to repair or replace but NO WATER until we know.  All donations to help pay for what is going to be a huge water bill can be made by clicking on the PayPal link below.

UPDATE #1 – 8/8/2013:  It appears NOT to be the water heater.  The water folks have shut OFF the water.  The leak appears to be coming from the back flow.  This may turn into an expensive repair.  More work to be done tomorrow but water will be sorely needed to help at the rescue.  If you can help in any way, please we need you!

fb Water

Thank you to everyone for you heart warming help.

UPDATE #2 – 8/9/2013:   First let me please express how heart-warming the donations of water and other donations have been.  You can tell by the photo, not only us at the rescue, but the cats at the rescue really appreciate all that everyone has done.  You have really shown us so much love and have really come together as a community when we were in need.  Your help is appreciated more than any of us can ever tell you.

The plumber took a look around today.  Unfortunately, it looks like there is a bad leak in the pipes under the back part of the rescue.  To get under the rescue to fix the pipes some concrete blocks are going to have to be knocked out.  On Monday the plumber will be back to fix the bad leak and maybe the back flow too.  It all depends on how much this is going to cost in the long run if we can do both.  The water should be back on by Monday evening.  Everyone cross your fingers!

We will make sure to keep you all updated on the situation at the rescue.  For today we have enough water to get by but the water will be off all weekend.  Keep that in mind if you would like to donate more water.  All donations will be greatly appreciated towards the plumbing costs.  Pretty sure this is NOT going to be cheap.

And again we say a special thanks to all who have helped out in the past few days.  You guys keep us going!

Thankful Kittens ... Great community helping those who cannot help themselves!

Thankful Kittens … Great community helping those who cannot help themselves!

UPDATE #3 – 8/11/2013  Once again let me please express how heart-warming the donations of water and other donations have been. We may lose hope at times but then times like this are what make us know what we are doing is making a difference.

The cinder blocks have been removed.  Now we are just waiting for the plumber to arrive on Monday.  We are still without water.  The community as a whole has been wonderful in helping us keep water at the shelter for our animals and for cleaning purposes.  Please keep those donations coming.  We hope to be putting out an update on Monday evening that the water is back on.  However, that will depend on what the plumber finds when he gets under the building.  Everyone cross your fingers that it will be an easy and not too expensive a fix.

We will keep you updated on what happens Monday as soon as we know.  Once again thanks to the community of animal/cat lovers who have helped out during this crisis.  The world is a much better place because of you.

No Plumber Today

No Plumber Today

     UPDATE #4- 8/12/2013  Well, folks, NO PLUMBER TODAY!  Apparently, it was an extremely busy day for the plumber and he could not make it.  We have a promise that he will be there first thing tomorrow morning.  Everybody cross your fingers this happens or our water supply may start to run low soon.  We will post a new update as soon as we know anything tomorrow,

We want to thank everyone once again for all the help, all the donations, and all the prayers.  You folks are what keeps us going!

Donate using PayPal

Donate using PayPal



6 responses to “MONDAY NEW UPDATE – Water, Water, Everywhere … still not a drop to drink! We need your support.

  1. Done. I wish it could be more but maybe it will help a little. The donation button on this page didn’t work for me, but the one through Petfinder did. I hope you guys can get this fixed asap!

    • Thank you for the donation so much. We appreciate it more than we can possibly tell you. I have posted an update on the problems with the water and fixed the link for the donation to go directly to the Petfinder site. Once again thank you so much for your donation and have a very blessed week … all the cats and kittens thank you as well.

  2. I just tried to call, but couldn’t get through.  Wanted to know if you still needed water, but I guess we will just bring two 5 gal water jugs out, and a check, about 11:00 a.m..  Good luck.


    • Thank you for thinking of us with the water. Your kindness and so many others bringing water has helped us more than we can ever say. We are still without water and may be for some time as no one can seem to find where the leak is actually coming from. Please keep an eye here for more updates on the water situation. Thank you once again for your kindness and your help.

    • Stefanie, thanks to you and many others who have helped us we have a good amount of bottled water to get through I hope the weekend. I, too, hope this crisis can be averted swiftly. Once again thank you for all you did to help out.

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