UPDATE – Sweet Mocha



UPDATE:  This evening sweet girl Mocha crossed over the rainbow bridge.  She did not pass alone.  Her foster Mom Lori Baggett was with her.  She passed after dealing with a long term illness and weight loss.  Light a candle for her and say a prayer for Lori.  Our hearts are with you in your time of loss but Mocha is beyond all pain now and running free in beautiful green fields chasing butterflies.  We will see her again when we all pass over that bridge.

Original Post Below

Please keep sweet MOCHA in your prayers.   Mocha is one of our favorite babies.  Mocha is 13 -14 years old and not doing so well right now.  Lori Baggett is her foster mom and she is beside herself with worry.  Mocha is very dear to her.

At first the doctor thought she was in kidney failure.  She was given fluids and medicines and kept at the doctor’s office.  They thought she was on the mend and then she went back downhill the minute she went off fluids.  They had to put her back on IV fluids, but now she has made a turn for the worse.  Keep her in your thoughts and prayers along with Lori.


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