Need a lot of help for a big guy …

Please help this guy

Please help this guy

Some of you have read the posts about the cat that was hurt by someone or had been shot and people thought the person who hurt the cat should be prosecuted.  Normally we might be right there with you but what is really important in this story is not who did what to who but how can we help the animal that is hurt.

According to the vet it appears the cat was attacked by a dog or some other animal that left gaping bite marks on the poor guys hind quarters and those became infected with maggots.  This indeed is a travesty but what we must be concerned about is getting the big guy all better.  We have more photos of the bad spots but they are very graphic.  Since we know children may be visiting this site, we have chosen to post only one photo.  The photo only gives you a small look at what is across this cat’s entire backside.

This baby is going to need a lot of veterinarian help and unfortunately this is going to cost about $400.  If any of you can donate towards helping this fella with his vet care it will be greatly appreciated.  He is going to have to go through a lot to get repaired and back on his feet again.  Please click here to donate :

Donate using PayPal

Donate using PayPal


2 responses to “Need a lot of help for a big guy …

    • Yes, you may mail a check directly to the vet’s office. That is the Animal Clinic of North Clarksville, 1567 Ft. Campbell Blvd., Clarksville, TN 37042 attention Doctor Walker for Wookie, the Cats Are Us cat. Or you may mail your donation directly to Cats Are Us, 119 New Providence Blvd., Clarksville, TN 37042 and add Attn: For Wookie’s surgery on the check.

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