Zulu means Heaven … help find a new home for a hero.

This is Rebecca and Zulu the cat.

This is Rebecca and Zulu the cat.

Odd name for a post we are sure some of you said to yourself.  Why would we ever post such an unusual article? This time the word zulu means heaven but to a little autistic girl named Rebecca.  Rebecca’s Mom rescued Zulu to become a friend for her autistic daughter and Zulu did just that.  He loved her and she loved him.   And you would think this would be a happily ever after story.  But Rebecca’s Mom had a little baby after Zulu came into the house.  That little baby unfortunately is seriously allergic to cats and now Zulu needs to find a new home.  Mom has tried everything because she really does not want to lose Zulu or for Rebecca to lose Zulu.  Zulu can’t go outside because he is declawed on ALL FOUR paws.  He couldn’t protect himself out there all alone.  He stays in Rebecca’s room but even then the new baby becomes sick from her allergy.

Mom does not want to give up Zulu but she must.  She came to us asking if we could find him a good, safe home.  We are asking all of you folks out there who have a special place in your hearts or have a special needs person in your home to give Zulu a new forever home.  If you can help Zulu and Zulu’s family, please contact us at (931)503-0053 or email us at CatsAreUsTn@aol.com
or leave a comment for this story.  We will get back to you very quickly.  Please try to make room in your heart for this wonderful hero.

Zulu can mean Heaven to you too…


Can you help me please?


I need a new loving home.


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