A family adopted two of our kittens not too long ago.  The kittens are now 7 months old. The family fell in love with the kittens and the kittens with them.  The wife intended on making a visit home to Japan and is there now.  In the meantime her husband was offered a job in Japan which he intends to take.  They want to take the kittens with them but the laws are very strict on rabies there as Japan is one of the few places in the world where there is no rabies. They have asked if we have any information or know anyone who can help them with what them with being able to keep their cats when they go to Japan.  Anyone who can offer any information on how the laws are there or on any way to help them please notify Jennifer Shoopman at (931)241-7675.  If they can not find a way to not have to put them in quarantine for a 6 month period and have to pay what we think is around $32 per day for their board while they are in quarantine, they will  have to re-home their cats.  They love them and they want to keep them but they need information and help.  Thank you for all help and information provided.  I will be posting photos shortly but this is such an urgent need I wanted to post this as soon as possible.  The family needs to move to Japan in one month around the beginning of November.  So the need is urgent!  PLEASE HELP!

Tokyo Bound Kittens

Tokyo Bound Kittens


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