Esme, a special needs cat, needs a new home … Can you help?

I am reposting this story because we are still looking for a home for Esme very soon or she is going to be without a home as it is becoming a big issue for his daughter.  Please help this cat if you can.  Just be a foster home to her for a while until we can find her a forever home.

This is an email that we received I wanted to share with you all in hopes of finding just the purrfect foster home or maybe even the purrfect FOREVER home for this special needs cat.

It comes from a gentleman named Roy Crowder who writes “I have a domestic, short hair named Esme who is approximately 5 years old.  I found her in the mouth of a dog one day when she was still very young.  Her spine was injured either at birth or from the dog attack and as a result she lost the use of her back legs.  I took her in and she has been a part of our family for many years.  She is a loving, active cat that doesn’t let her disability stop her!  It pains me deeply to send this email to you, but my wife and I have recently had a child and have found that she is very allergic to cat dander.  We currently have to keep Esme and our daughter in separate parts of the house and watch our interactions with Esme so that we don’t transfer dander to our daughter’s area.  Needless to say, this is a terrible situation for everyone.

I cannot and will not relinquish Esme to a kill shelter.  I have been scouring for places that would take her and came across your website.  My wife and I love Esme very much and just want her to go to a family that would love and care for her as much as we do.  Please, if you have the availability, consider taking in Esme and placing her in a loving home.  We would sponsor her for as long as needed and would donate if you would let us.”

back 1

This email touched my heart as I hope it will touch yours.  Please, if you think you could adopt or foster Esme, contact Jennifer at 931-241-7675 or Cats Are Us at 931-503-0053.  Mr. Crowder states that Esme has been around 2 dogs off and on throughout the time they have had her.  When he first found her she lived around his roommate’s Jack Russell Terrier and he sometimes dog sat for his parents’ Yorkie.  Generally, Esme takes a day or 2 to warm up to the idea, but she has never been aggressive with other animals.  Please see the pictures of a very special cat who will offer you nothing but love and affection if you open your doors and your heart to her.  Transport of Esme will be provided if you agree to foster or adopt her.

Esme 3 Esme 4 Esme 2

2 responses to “Esme, a special needs cat, needs a new home … Can you help?

  1. I have been sharing this on my cats’ page on facebook – I have about 1200 followers there. Can you enlighten me a little more about her? I would love to assist in finding her a forever home.

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