Stitch needs help paying for her stitches!

Stitch after life-saving surgery to remove a deceased kitten from her.

Stitch after life-saving surgery to remove a deceased kitten from inside her womb.

I am sure we have all heard the old saying a stitch in time saves nine.  Well, a stitch in time saved eight lives for this Stitch from death.  Poor baby was found very sick and did not understand there was still a baby kitten that had passed away still inside her when Cats Are Us stepped in.   She kept getting more sick and more sick and no one knew why.  Then an x-ray (photo available upon request as it is graphic) was performed and low and behold there was a still-born baby inside.  Emergency surgery was performed by All God’s Creatures Veterinary Clinic where Doctor Ramey fixed Stitch right up.  No more babies for her and only one of her nine lives gone in the process.

Stitch is going to make it but this left Cats Are Us with a steadily climbing veterinary bill for Stitch.  Please find it within your hearts to make a donation to Cats Are Us to pay for Stitch’s medical bills.  Unfortunately there is no Obamacare for kitties … just a few hopeful folks who try to save as many lives as they can.

You can make a donation online securely through Paypal on the website: or at or just click on the button below.


You can also mail in donations or give in person at 119 Providence Boulevard, Clarksville, TN 37042 during adoption hours (Monday – Saturday 8 am to 11:30 am) or send a check to All God’s Creatures 114 Kraft St, Clarksville, TN 37040 requesting the check amount be paid towards Cats Are Us account.


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