Welcome to The Cats on Commerce!

The Cats on Commerce will be hosting an adoption event this Saturday (March 22, 2014) between 10h00 & 16h00 for Cats Are Us. The photographers from Cobalt Swirl Studio (http://www.cobaltswirlstudio.squarespace.com/) will also be there taking pictures. Stop by for a tour of their facility and to see if you’d like to offer a forever home to a deserving kitty.

Cats on Commerce Stellar

Meet Stellar who will be one of those adorable kitties looking for a forever home.

Meet Stellar who will be one of those adorable kitties needing a home.

Cats on Commerce is all about:  

  1. At The Cats on Commerce, our desire to provide the highest quality of care for your cat was born out of a love for these unique creatures and their special needs.  
  2. We firmly believe in the absolute need for a gentle touch and fundamental understanding of their unique body language, medical, and behavioral problems.
  3. Our goal is to assist cat owners* in providing an excellent, affordable quality of life for their feline companions, through education, medical services, financing and pet health insurance options.
  4. At the Mews Inn and Spa, our exclusive, custom-designed and built-for-felines boarding facility, we offer daily and long-term accommodations.
  5. We are located across the road from the Clarksville Police Station, immediately adjacent to the pedestrian walking bridge that crosses Commerce Street.  Parking is available on the left (east) side of the building.

*Although our focus is nearly 100 % feline patients, we will will also see the following small exotic animals: Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and ferrets.  These pets, like cats, also require a quiet, stress-free environment.  Note:  The above about section is taken directly from Cats on Commerce webpage.

You can follow them on Twitter   or Like them on Facebook or visit their webpage Cats on Commerce to find out what they are all about.

Cats on Commerce 1 Cats on Commerce 2 Cats on Commerce 3


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