Besides adopting an animal from a shelter, one of the best ways you can help control dog and cats populations around the country is to Spay or Neuter your pet. If you find that the cost of spaying or neutering is too expensive New Leash On Life offers discounted $40 services and free spay/neuter services to those on WIC or food stamps. They are located in Lebanon, TN, only about an hour and a half away from Clarksville. Their contact information is 615-453-2349 or toll free888-453-2349 or you can find them on the internet at and then click on the Fix for Life tab. Just don’t put it off. Spaying and neutering is the key to controlling animal populations and ultimately ending the trend of euthanasia for healthy animals.



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    • Remember the page has not been updated since 2011 … I am just getting started. Please be patient and thanks. Deborah, I might be asking you for more photos of certain cats as I start the pet of the week or pet of the month up on the page. Also, photos of others that volunteer there would be great with their names. I would love to do a page dedicated only to volunteers. What do you think and do you have any ideas for articles that we could do for the page or any special links that should be added to the page. This is an old page right now and I have so many ideas and I want to get input from everyone so we can really use this as a foundation for really spreading the news about Cats Are Us and helping the animals more.

      • I am off work on Thursday (8-8) and was hoping to come up and take pics of the cats. You can contact me through Facebook if you need to. I can be there at any time that is convenient, but I will need someone there that knows all the cats’ names, if possible.

  1. Three young (6-7months) near my house. Found home for 1. The 2 I still have need to be spayed. One is completely healthy, the other has been injured, part of tail us gone, and she really has a melt down if some unexpected noise or whatever happens. I realize I will need to keep her. But I do need to get both spayed. I would live to go to Lebanon, but I don’t have a car. Is there anyone closer? Thank you

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