Stitch needs help paying for her stitches!

Stitch after life-saving surgery to remove a deceased kitten from her.

Stitch after life-saving surgery to remove a deceased kitten from inside her womb.

I am sure we have all heard the old saying a stitch in time saves nine.  Well, a stitch in time saved eight lives for this Stitch from death.  Poor baby was found very sick and did not understand there was still a baby kitten that had passed away still inside her when Cats Are Us stepped in.   She kept getting more sick and more sick and no one knew why.  Then an x-ray (photo available upon request as it is graphic) was performed and low and behold there was a still-born baby inside.  Emergency surgery was performed by All God’s Creatures Veterinary Clinic where Doctor Ramey fixed Stitch right up.  No more babies for her and only one of her nine lives gone in the process.

Stitch is going to make it but this left Cats Are Us with a steadily climbing veterinary bill for Stitch.  Please find it within your hearts to make a donation to Cats Are Us to pay for Stitch’s medical bills.  Unfortunately there is no Obamacare for kitties … just a few hopeful folks who try to save as many lives as they can.

You can make a donation online securely through Paypal on the website: or at or just click on the button below.


You can also mail in donations or give in person at 119 Providence Boulevard, Clarksville, TN 37042 during adoption hours (Monday – Saturday 8 am to 11:30 am) or send a check to All God’s Creatures 114 Kraft St, Clarksville, TN 37040 requesting the check amount be paid towards Cats Are Us account.


Atlas has NO weight on his shoulders

Meet Atlas with his huge paws and sweet demeanor. You can’t help but love this guy.

Atlas comes to us from Riverside Drive where his previous owners could no longer afford to care for him.  He also comes with some pretty serious issues. He is an old fella … 10-12 years old. We believe he is part Maine Coon and at one time must have been about a 20 pound cat. You can see from his back this is no longer true.  He is a sweetheart and mostly all he wants to do is use those big feet of his to make biscuits wherever he finds a place to make them.

Atlas is FIV positive and has other issues as well. The vets aren’t sure yet all that is wrong with him. Whatever his ailments, they are making him not eat. One of our volunteers is trying to force feed him to see if we can get him up to par just enough to hang on for future treatments for his other issues.  He has a long way to go to make it.

Poor fella needs some serious love and care.

Poor fella needs some serious love and care.

Atlas may have held the world on his shoulders in Greek mythology but our boy, Atlas, has a long healing process in front of him and is going to take many trips to the vet and lots of money. If you can find it in your heart to help him by donating for his vet care, he will greatly appreciate it and so will we at Cats Are Us.

Click on the following button to make a donation to Atlas’s care via PayPal.

Donate using PayPal



Cocoa is a sweet little girl cat who came back to us needing some big help. She had a bad abscess on her side that had to be drained and a tube is still in her side to aid in the drainage. To make matters worse she had to have more than half of her teeth pulled. Everyone thought she was not going to make it but a few of us still held out hope for Cocoa and, thanks to a kind and wonderful foster Mom (thanks Ms. Kitty), she may have a chance to improve slowly. She is eating and trying to clean herself and walking a little.  It is still a long road for her and she may yet not make it but it will not be for lack of trying on her part and ours.

Cocoa’s vet bills are going to be very high however even if she doesn’t make it and much higher if she does. Let’s not give up on her like others have.  If you can help Cocoa with her bills, please donate to:

Donate using PayPal

Donate using PayPal

Cocoa trying to clean herself

Cocoa trying to clean herself

Cocoa in the care of a great foster Mom ... Thank you Kitty.

Cocoa in the care of a great foster Mom … Thank you Kitty.

Absess drain

Absess drain

Need a lot of help for a big guy …

Please help this guy

Please help this guy

Some of you have read the posts about the cat that was hurt by someone or had been shot and people thought the person who hurt the cat should be prosecuted.  Normally we might be right there with you but what is really important in this story is not who did what to who but how can we help the animal that is hurt.

According to the vet it appears the cat was attacked by a dog or some other animal that left gaping bite marks on the poor guys hind quarters and those became infected with maggots.  This indeed is a travesty but what we must be concerned about is getting the big guy all better.  We have more photos of the bad spots but they are very graphic.  Since we know children may be visiting this site, we have chosen to post only one photo.  The photo only gives you a small look at what is across this cat’s entire backside.

This baby is going to need a lot of veterinarian help and unfortunately this is going to cost about $400.  If any of you can donate towards helping this fella with his vet care it will be greatly appreciated.  He is going to have to go through a lot to get repaired and back on his feet again.  Please click here to donate :

Donate using PayPal

Donate using PayPal

UPDATE – Sweet Mocha



UPDATE:  This evening sweet girl Mocha crossed over the rainbow bridge.  She did not pass alone.  Her foster Mom Lori Baggett was with her.  She passed after dealing with a long term illness and weight loss.  Light a candle for her and say a prayer for Lori.  Our hearts are with you in your time of loss but Mocha is beyond all pain now and running free in beautiful green fields chasing butterflies.  We will see her again when we all pass over that bridge.

Original Post Below

Please keep sweet MOCHA in your prayers.   Mocha is one of our favorite babies.  Mocha is 13 -14 years old and not doing so well right now.  Lori Baggett is her foster mom and she is beside herself with worry.  Mocha is very dear to her.

At first the doctor thought she was in kidney failure.  She was given fluids and medicines and kept at the doctor’s office.  They thought she was on the mend and then she went back downhill the minute she went off fluids.  They had to put her back on IV fluids, but now she has made a turn for the worse.  Keep her in your thoughts and prayers along with Lori.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Folks this is why we do what we do!  Being the proud foster parent of these two, Biscuit and Jelly, I must have cried for a solid hour when I saw how happy and healthy and loved my two babies were with their new forever parents, Joseph Nesi and his lovely wife.  If everyone could have the feeling I have right at this moment, we would have a million foster homes and no kitties would ever be without love.  It is the best feeling in the world.  For those of you who have never fostered, it is a hard thing to do, especially the first one; because it is very hard to give them up.  I worried and fretted about every one I have fostered and adopted to forever homes.  I hoped the kittens(cats) would have happy ever after stories and lives filled with love.  When you see photos like the ones to follow and you know you had a huge part in saving those lives, there is no better feeling.  I wish everyone could know that feeling at least once in their lives.  If you don’t foster, think about opening your home and heart up to help save lives like Biscuit and Jelly.  They came to us no older than two weeks old and we bottle fed them and loved them and prepared them to love and be loved by two very special people.  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Nesi!  You will always be part of my family now and part of Cats Are Us’s family.

To all our team of great and loving foster parents that work with us already – you are a blessing, not only to the lives of those kittens(cats) you save; but, also, to the world at large.  We can never say thank you enough and I hope seeing these photos of happy, healthy and loved kittens makes you guys know it is all worth it!  WE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU DO!

To enlarge the photo simply click on the photo

Jelly relaxing on a loving arm.


Biscuit and Jelly playing on their cat tree


Jelly contemplating whether to attack or to lounge


Biscuit thinking long thoughts on the bed.


Brother and sister having fun


Jelly snoozing on the bed.